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CHANNEL AUTHORITY BUILDER REVIEW & Unique ‘Fast Profit’ Bonus (Done-For-You)

Channel Authority Builder Review – Can Channel Authority Builder TRULY Help You Create ‘Authority YouTube Channels’ To Increase Your Traffic, Optins & Sales?

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Here’s a ‘Preview’ Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of Channel Authority Builder:

**Stay Tuned for the Detailed Channel Authority Builder Review – Posted Here Around Launch Day**

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Along with my Channel Authority Builder Review, I’m also including some interesting YouTube marketing news articles below:

Why YouTube Shopping Ads To Grow Beyond The Merchants’ Own Videos Can Help People In Their Business

Recently it was announced that YouTube shopping ads Are going to be able to grow beyond the Merchants’ Own Videos. This means that those who run videos will be able to run other relevant ads on other products that relate to what they are selling. They will be able to do this within the YouTube platform and how Channel Authority Builder is helping marketers create more authoritative YouTube channels.

This is a great move because it will allow people to have more freedom over the ads and be able to make more money. It changes things a bit and that is a good thing. When social media stays the same it can’t grow and that can be frustrating to people.

With a different way of presenting ads, more can be done on each of the videos that are posted. If you post videos on YouTube on a regular basis you need to see if this change will help you and what you can do to earn more money from it. It might take some time to figure out what will work best for you.

As time goes on, the way ads and social media work will change. This is expected. Things can not just stay the same. Everyday people are looking for ways to make their experiences better and social media is no different. With more and more people getting into video marketing it is not a surprise that we are seeing changes with how YouTube video and ads work and Channel Authority Builder members will be able to get more views by using the latest strategies.

It can feel overwhelming when something you are used to using on a regular basis changes. You can see this when popular social media networks make big changes. A lot of people have a hard time with it and can’t seem to understand why they needed to change things in the first place. Then within a few weeks of the change most people are used to it and forget it was any other way.

It is important to know that changes happen to make things better even if it doesn’t seem like it from your personal point of view. It can help to look at the bigger picture and think about what the change can do for you. Whether this has to do with ads or another type of change it is important that you figure out what it means for you and your business and you use it to help you grow.

Sticking your head in the sand and saying you just don’t like the change is not going to help you in your business and in your future. It is better to take the time to figure out what the change means and how you can use it. With YouTube and ads it means that you should look into how adding them to your channel can help and benefit you.

It might take some time to fully understand what the change might mean. There will be a lot of information out there about it as well as a lot of opinions. It is important that you read as much as you can, take a lot of notes and then apply it to your videos and Channel Authority Builder users will be able to get more video subscribers.

If you ignore the changes you could really be missing out in the next step in marketing online. If you have an online business you do not want to do this. Sometimes the internet moves really fast and you want to keep up with it. If you don’t, you will get left behind and your competitors will move past you.

If it all seems too overwhelming and you can’t find the information you are looking for online, it would be best to talk to someone one on one about it. You can find people who are experts in YouTube that would be able to explain it to you. If you can spend some time talking with them you will get a clear understanding about the changes and what you should do to help your business when it comes to them.

After you figure out what to do with the new changes, you will start to see more success. You will be glad you took the time to figure out what you could do for your own business. You will be glad you were not left behind.

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Why Customers will trust the TV ads rather than the online video & search ads

Consumers likely to trust TV ads more than the online searches and videos
The world is growing and people are always coming up with new ways of doing things. The research that has been carried out indicates that consumers are more likely to trust the TV ds as compared to the online searches and videos. It is clearly evident that people are always looking for ways that they can try to be competitive in the business world considering the rise in the number of businesses across the globe. Therefore, a lot of businesses have dominated the online searches and you are likely to find out that in the mere future all existing businesses will be conducting various online marketing strategies. This article aims at ensuring that you have received all the information that you need to ensure that you know why it is being concluded that consumers are likely to trust the TV ads as compared to the way they would trust the online videos and searches. This article will summarize a survey that was conducted by Nielsen highlighting all the possible statistics and how the Channel Authority Builder system is changing the way marketers use YouTube.

Nielsen conducted a survey across 60 countries where he made interrogations and questionnaire in trying to find out from various people on what they prefer in terms of the ads on TV and in various online searches. During his survey, Nielsen interacted with 30,000 individuals and all of them made different comments where most of them supported the fact that the TV ads were more convincing compared to the online ads in the videos and other searches. 63% consumers showed that they actually loved the TV ads while 48% confirmed that they were a bit more satisfied with the online ads and videos compared to the TV ads. During the survey, Nielsen interrogated everyone on any other source of advertisement that they trusted and he found out that 83% of individuals would only deal with the products that were being approved by their family members. Therefore, the buying of the various products was not only affected by the type of advertisement being used by the producer, but was so much reliant on the general overview of the product from the members of the family and colleagues at work and Channel Authority Builder members will be able to leverage all the new video traffic.

The other trusted form of making ads was the brand-managed channels, Supported by 70% of the interviewed individuals, brand-managed channels have proven to be of great benefit to the various businesses who are trying to make it in their various marketing strategies. Research also showed that 66% of the interrogated individuals were more concerned on the posted comments on the various websites. They were going for the various customer reviews and they would guage the essence of the particular product that they are looking for. If they are interested in the product they have chosen, they will go ahead and they will come up with various important steps that would help them in realizing whether the negative comments were true about the product. While trying to analyze the mobile ads and the online video ads, the only video ads were used more and then they were followed by the search ads at 47%, social ads at 46% and then the mobile ads at 43% and Channel Authority Builder users should also be aware of these facts.

It is good to note that only a little drop has occurred on the way consumers are interested on the online ads and this basically represents the fact that a lot of people are more interested in the way the online ads are trending and, therefore, only a 2% drop has been noted in the long run. During the survey, Nielsen found out that the millenials were consuming the media more than all the other counterparts. It was discovered that they had they had much trust on the mobile and online trust. They were exercising much control over when and where to listen, watch, and read content. The trust in the TV ads has been attributed to the fact that most individuals will take the ads that are made on the television more seriously than the other ads because they have the tendency of thinking that the ads on TV rae more legit than the ones on the online searches. Also, this fact can be attributed from the way a lot of businesses that offer very poor services have dominate the online world.

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[UNCUT] VidEngage Review & ‘Fast Cash’ Vid Engage PREMIUM Bonus (Done-For-You)

Can The VidEngage Software REALLY Keep Your Audience Engaged To Instantly Boost Your Leads, Optins & Sales With About 5 Minutes Of Work?


Click Play Below To Watch My In-Depth VidEngage Review

VidEngage Review Bonus

VidEngage Bonus

Vid Engage Bonus

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Along with my Vid Engage Review, I’m also including some interesting YouTube and video marketing news articles below:

YouTube Reportedly Releasing Independent Viewability Measurement

One of the great things about you to is they are constantly evolving, adding new features every single year. Currently, it seems that they are getting ready to launch what is called an independent viewability measurement, something that has been reported by the Financial Times. It is thought that they are doing so due to advertiser pressure, which would make sense, considering this would be a third-party looking at the data. This would add to the accountability of YouTube, making them more trustworthy in the eyes of advertisers, allowing them to have access to this third-party information. The companies that are responsible for this move include Unilever and Kellogg’s, two of their largest advertisers. They have wanted to have independent viewability for quite some time, even stopping the purchase of YouTube advertisements in order to make their point and how the new VidEngage software is changing the way marketers create videos.

How Current Advertisements Are Measured

According to the information that is available, the verification process is handled by YouTube exclusively, specifically Google’s Active View measurement tool. Based upon their estimates, over 90% of the videos actually fell into the category of being viewed by consumers, which means that advertisers would have to pay based upon those estimates. These estimates are based upon 50% of the advertisement pixels being visible for two consecutive seconds, and if so, the advertiser would be charged. With nothing more to say that they are committed to meeting all of their clients needs, they will be rolling out this new solution in the short term.

Why Is This Necessary?

If you think about how advertising is done, there is usually the common belief that you are charged when people either click on an ad, view an ad, or view a video ad on the web. Advertisers trust that companies like Google and Facebook are actually and accurately accounting for every view, and only charging for those that count. However, since Google owns YouTube, and you to is using Google’s Active View measurement tool exclusively for this purpose, it is easy to assume that there could be some obvious bias with the results, and if there was actually a problem, it would be very easy to sweep it under the proverbial rock. It is for this reason that a third-party verification system has been requested by some of the largest advertisers that use YouTube regularly. They want to know that all of the advertisements that they are being charged for are actually legitimate, or at the very least, that the mechanism for keeping track of viewable videos is actually working as stated and VidEngage members can benefit from increased video engagement.

How This Will Change That

By having a third-party verification system in place, it is going to change the way that people advertise on YouTube in three specific ways. First of all, there will be more trust with those that are current advertisers, as well as those that have not done advertising with YouTube or Google before, simply because they are allowing a third-party to come in for verification purposes. Second, this will make Google more accountable to the amount that they are charging advertisers, making even more sure that there Active View measurement tool is functioning properly. Finally, the combination of antitrust, along with a third-party verification system, will allow Google to put behind all of the negativity that has come up as a result of these two large companies questioning their system and VidEngage users should be aware of this data as well.

Once everything is in place, it will be better for everyone involved. Google will look like the good guy for complying, and large companies will continue to advertise, and perhaps even by more advertising, helping Google make more money. It is not often that when when scenarios can come out of accusations that are made between two parties, but in this case, it is likely to have only a positive effect. At the very least, you cannot blame companies as large as Kellogg’s for not questioning the validity of the charges for the advertising that they are paying for. This could be a savings of several million dollars every year for these businesses if they are able to actually verify that Google has not been accurately depicting viewable ads, which will result in a substantial savings for these businesses.

(watch my VidEngage review video by scrolling to the top of this page)

Mobile Apps Now Beat TV As Apps Fast Become The New Networks

For some time now, TV has been able to resist internet in many different ways compared to most media options. This media option has been able to hold on to ad revenues and audiences as other forms of traditional media have been experiencing fragmentation and a decline in revenue. However, all this is coming to an end as cable TV faces increased pressure from mobile devices, over-the-top video services and cord cutters. This basically shows that there currently is a major shift in how videos are consumed and how the VidEngage web-based software is helping video marketers engage with their audience.

Now, more than ever, even traditional ad-based business TV models are under threat from internet-based options like Google Play, iTunes, Netflix, and Hulu, which recently introduced a premium service that allows users to eliminate advertisements (except those at the start and at the end of a program), but at a fee of course.

Just recently, Apple introduced a new platform known as tvOS, which works by bringing apps to a user’s screen at home – Google introduced something of the same sort a while ago in the form of Android/Google TV. According to Tim Cook, CEO at Apple, Apps are fast becoming the future of TV, and to a greater extent, the future of how content is distributed on TV will be app stores.

Tim might or might not be right about TV and its future being linked to apps but one thing that stands out when looking at how things are going is that the future of how video content is distributed will certainly be. By the end of this year, mobile apps will be the main way people in the country will be consuming video content. Ironically, we are turning to a model that is not that different from that of the early days of TV, which had fewer distribution points and VidEngage members will be able to quickly gain the trust of the viewer.

At first, distribution of video content was done by a very limited number of broadcasters. But with time, new entrants changed things; leading to a cable explosion. This in turn opened doors for many more segmented networks and channels leading to a flooding in the broadcasting industry. Today, we are witnessing distributions being re-consolidated into fewer consumer entry points through apps like iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix etcetera. And there is even a possibility that Facebook could be joining the bandwagon. While most content producers already have or will soon have their own apps (like HBOGo), these bigger “channels” are without a doubt the new networks.

Just recently Yahoo’s Flurry unit stated that for the very first time in history, time spent on mobile apps by the average consumer in the US has exceeded that spent on TV. This are defining moments considering that time spent on apps is now exceeding time on almost any other media channel. For instance, time spent on mobile has, for two years now, exceeded that spent on desktops.

Yahoo’s Flurry also states that while advertising on hand-held devices is a market that is growing quite fast, more consumers are opting to pay to get content. As such, app-store and paid content revenues are very likely to exceed the revenue mobile advertising will rake in this year. Mobile advertising in itself will surpass that of desktop based digital advertising and may even capture about three quarters of all digital ad spending by the end of 2019 and VidEngage users can gain an advantage from the competition by using advanced marketing strategies.

As time goes by, all we can do is wait and see how things work out. But the fact still remains that the newest way to catch video content is through mobile apps. Considering this, it is expected that companies offering such services like Hulu, Google Play, and Netflix amongst others will be the greatest beneficiaries – albeit for a sometime. As more people and companies realize the power of apps in distributing video content, we can expect to see more entrants into this market. As such, while the costs may be significant at the moment, there will come a time when the entry of new channels will make things easier for users to enjoy cheaper services.

TV is set to experience some rough times ahead as more people are opting to use apps to access video content. Nonetheless, this option still plays, and will continue to play, a very crucial role in how video content is distrusted. As such, it is not necessarily the end of the road for this distribution channel – though channels and networks that still rely on TV should be ready to experience a considerable decline in the number of users as time goes by.

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[UNCUT] Publish Academy Review & ‘Fast Cash’ Publish Academy PREMIUM Bonus (Done-For-You)

Can The Publish Academy Give You the Exact Resources, Steps & Coaching You Need to Build a Highly Profitable, Semi-Automated ‘Niche Publishing’ Business As Quickly As Possible?

(Click Play Below To Watch My Detailed Publish Academy Review)

Summary: Publish Academy is a training and coaching program developed by marketer Anik Singal. The ‘academy’ covers all the training, coaching, tools and resources needed to create a digital business online based around your passions and interests. The system focuses primarily on creating a digital product quickly, and then scaling up the business for higher growth and profit potential. The best part of the program is that it comes with full coaching, tools and community support to give members the best chance of generating significant revenue online.

Publish Academy-Bonus-Basic-Standard
n addition to my Publish Academy Review, I’m also including some helpful social media news articles as well:

Huge Milestone For Facebook: One Billion Users A Day

Facebook still manages to amaze and astound. While some of its antics can be annoying, Facebook has still managed to rack up a billion users each day. Many of the users are watching videos and this should send a strong signal to advertisers that Facebook is still one of the best places to advertise and how the new Publish Academy course is helping marketers live their passion.

Facebook is coming out with some exciting new features as well which will make it even more enticing to advertisers. Video chat is coming to Facebook messenger. People will be able to chat with their friends for free and this will increase and maintain the user base.

Facebook is even planning to implement a dislike button. Users have been asking for this for years, and it looks like it will become a reality very soon. Now, if you see something you don’t like, you can just hit the dislike button. Facebook is also planning some other new buttons but what they are is still under wraps for now and Publish Academy members can build campaigns around their interests.

Meanwhile, Facebook users continue to grow in all parts of the world. When Facebook hit the one billion mark it means that about 1 out of 7 people use Facebook on any given day. Pretty impressive!

If you are still on the fence about whether you want to advertise with Facebook or not, don’t wait too long to make your decision. You are missing out on potential revenue and new customers each day that you wait to act. Take advantage of Facebook’s amazing potential and advertise with them.

One billion users in one day is nothing to scoff at and no other site can match it. Imagine how many people will see your product or service when you advertise with them. There is huge potential and Facebook remains one of the best online advertising outlets around.

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How To Handle Negative Tweets About Your Brand

Using social media platforms is a crucial part of the success of any modern business. Websites like Facebook and Twitter allow businesses to engage directly with current and potential customers. While there are many benefits to using social media, there are certainly some downsides, too. In most cases, anyone can post negative comments directed towards your brand or business. This can damage your reputation because it gives prospective customers a poor impression. This is particularly true when negative Tweets about your brand are posted. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways for you to handle negative Tweets about your brand and how the Publish Academy training course can help marketers just starting out develop their own digital business.

The best course of action is to respond to negative Tweets with polite and sincere concern. While this is an excellent first step, responding is not enough. Your responses should be followed up with actions to rectify the situation. For example, you may receive a negative Tweet from an unhappy customer regarding your product or service. Politely respond by asking the customer to contact the company directly to resolve the issue. Expressing sincere concern is the best way to ease tension between your brand and an unsatisfied customer. Additionally, you must follow through with any promises to resolve the issues. Remember that actions speak louder than words, especially in the business world.

If the situation cannot be amicably resolved, do not engage in any sort of arguing or disrespectful communication. Even if you have good intentions, you can come across as an untrustworthy or rude businessperson. If a negative Tweet is downright abusive or malicious, simply ignore it or report it through the proper channels. Additionally, you can block accounts that write excessive amounts of abusive or harassing Tweets. If you are simply dealing with an unhappy customer, follow the tips mentioned above to positively resolve the situation.

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Cookie “Black Friday” Instagram Users With Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook is currently one of the hottest platforms for pay per click marketing. Facebook ads are likely to become even more compelling with the recent addition of the ability to target Instagram users using Facebook data and how the new Publish Academy course is changing the way marketers approach digital publishing.

In the middle of August, the Facebook ads platform instituted the change by allowing people to target website click and mobile install campaigns within Instagram. Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion in 2012, and this appears to be one of the realizations of many synergies that were used to justify the transaction. The great benefit of this combination is that one can utilize the unmatched user database of Facebook to specifically target certain users on the visually appealing platform of Instagram. The combination should lead to exciting returns on investment for those who are early adopters.

In order to take advantage of this feature, simply go into the Facebook ads manager and create a new clicks to website campaign. Fill out the targeting and bidding data as you would with any Facebook ad. When you scroll to the bottom under the display options, you will see a prominent notice announcing “New! Show Your Ads on Instagram.” Slightly below this you will see the typical options of Newsfeed, Mobile Newsfeed, and Right Hand Column. At the bottom, a new option of Instagram has been added. Simply click on that button if it is not already selected by default to begin showing your ads on Instagram.

This can be quite a profitable way to invest in ads. For example, you could enter in a custom audience targeting “Black Friday” sales and be able to serve your products to only those people actively looking for Black Friday sales. This is one way of getting super targeted, super cheap costs per clicks.

(see my exclusive Publish Academy review, found at the top of this page)

Facebook Is Testing New Immersive Mobile Ads

Always on the lookout for new ways to make money and to engage users, Facebook is testing a new type of advertisement on mobile devices. These immersive mobile ads differ from traditional ads in a number of different ways and how Anik’s Publish Academy training is becoming an industry leading program.

At first glance, they look the same as a traditional sponsored ad in the news feed. However, when users tap on them they open up into a full-screen version of the ad that is fully interactive. Companies who choose to advertise with this method can incorporate images, videos, text and other content to create almost a miniature version of their website that people can interact with.

In essence, it is almost like the brand can create a second website for themselves that is completely contained within the Facebook environment. The main advantage of this is that it will load faster for Facebook users than visiting the company’s actual site. However, it still allows for brands to connect on a deep level with potential customers, helping to build brand recognition and create connections.

The ads are currently being tested with several different retailers. As of now, they are only available on the Facebook app for iPads and iPhones. If they are successful, however, chances are they will be expanded to other apps as well and Publish Academy users will be able to quickly launch their digital publishing venture.

During the testing phase, Facebook does not plan to share performance metrics. They are, however, focusing on learning which ad combinations work best for certain types of businesses. For instance, they are interested in learning whether a retailer will get a better response by using primarily video content or by using images and text.

Understanding the types of content that users interact with can help companies make the most of their advertisements to drive as much engagement as possible. It will be interesting to see how these ads continue to develop.

(check out my in-depth Publish Academy review)

Facebook Is Testing Tweaks In the Design For Brand Pages

Using Facebook to get the word out about products has become increasingly common for many businesses. The ability to generate viral targeted traffic has made this one of the most profitable marketing investments over the last few years. Facebook has been making some changes to its layout to help businesses better connect with users and how Anik’s Publish Academy training course is creating a lot of excitement in the industry.

Many of these changes are just now being rolled out. As a result, you might not see them on your pages yet. The design changes are quite subtle. For example, the “Sign Up” button has become much more prominent with a blue background and a significantly larger width. This is the button that most businesses will want people to hit the most to engage in their business, so this change should help businesses to gain more subscribers. At the same time the “Like” and “Share” buttons that used to share equal visual real estate with the “Sign Up” button have been moved lower off the cover image.

The profile picture for the page has also been made smaller so it does not stand out as much against the profile cover image. It is also not overlapping with the white space beneath the cover art. This has allowed Facebook to move the tabs over to be flush with the left edge, right under the profile picture. At the same time, the page name and category appear slightly smaller without the hard bold typeface and Publish Academy members will have a complete guide to help them along the way.

These changes should not negatively impact any page owners unless they have incorporated the quirks of the design into their imaging. Coca Cola, for example, now has a misaligned cover photo since it had attempted to place the left end of its “Happiness” as going right into the profile picture bottle. For most Facebook page owners, this will not be an issue, and they will likely receive better interaction from visitors due to the prominent call to action button.

(you can watch my detailed Publish Academy review video by scrolling to the top of this page)

Instagram Expands Ad Options To Cater To Businesses Of All Sizes

Up until recently, many people questioned Facebook’s high-dollar purchase of Instagram. However, now that new advertising options are being rolled out on Instagram, it is clear to see that it was a smart investment for the social media giant and how the Publish Academy course is helping marketers listen to their passions.

The changes in Instagram’s advertising are designed to help businesses of all sizes precisely target their ads to interested buyers. The ads take advantage of Facebook’s existing advertising structure, making it easy for businesses both large and small to create highly targeted ads in a variety of different formats that connect brands with interested buyers.

In the past, advertisers on Instagram were limited to traditional square images. However, with the recent changes, new ad options are available. For instance, companies can now post traditional landscape-format ads, which can allow them to leverage advertising campaigns that they have already created for other venues.

Likewise, while advertisers were once limited to 15 second videos, they can now post advertisements that are as long as 30 seconds. Again, this allows them to use the same videos that they use on other advertising platforms without needing to make any changes to alter the length or content and Publish Academy users should also pay attention to these facts as well.

Another new feature are marquee ads that allow advertisers to make important announcements. This premium product is ideal for event such as major product launches or movie debuts.

While all of this is great news for advertisers, hopefully the Instagram community will also benefit from the changes. Although many users are opposed to increased advertising, chances are users will adapt to it in no time at all. They may even find the content of the advertisements to be useful and engaging if they give it a chance.

Hopefully these new upgrades and advancements in Instagram’s advertising system will allow more businesses to get the word out about their products and services in a fun, creative way that doesn’t cost a fortune.

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